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Our expertise in lighting systems and special effects has enabled us to build up a comprehensive and versatile inventory over the years. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies and the unification of communication and power supply standards, achieving a unique and precise look has never been easier!

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slave projectors

More commonly known as Moving Light, this type of lighting creates a dynamic lighting effect that would not be possible with a static spotlight.


led lighting

Spotlights are the key to success in bringing different locations to life. Light can change the appearance of a space, communicating a message or an emotion. All that remains is to choose the right projector for your needs!


The use of lasers at an event or installation is always impressive! The different lighting effects possible with lasers often create surprise and add a “WOW” element to your installation.


led tubes

The Opal LED Tube is a unique product thanks to its opalescent finish, which spreads light evenly over 360 degrees. This versatile product will make all the difference at your events. Available in 5 different sizes from 0.5M to 2.5M

media bar

The Media Bar is a refined linear fixture offering multiple visual possibilities. Its strength lies in its rectangular opalescent lens for uniform alignment, and in its ease of use. Available in 4 different sizes, from 0.5M to 2M.


pixel & dream line

With the Pixel Line and Dream Line, your stage set-up will never be the same. Here are two types of LED screen fixtures that will undoubtedly take you off the beaten track in terms of size and visual effectiveness.

dowry & garlands

Whether suspended, wall-mounted, recessed or floor-mounted, these fixtures offer a wide range of uses. They’re a real feast for the eyes, and they’ll make you stand out from the crowd.


armour &

In today’s and tomorrow’s new world, providing experiences at events has become a must. That’s why blinders and strobes are essential for creating connections between the audience and the performers. You’re sure to be thrilled by this overflow of light.

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