3/4/23 = CR34TE MISS1ON ; 1 AN plus t4rd.

//:Future Is Now = True ambition
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//:Activate = PORTRAIT of an identity change

In the guise of an April Fool’s joke, April1st 2022 sounded the F.I.N of Creative Lab…. WHAT??? CREATIVE LAB is no more? But what’s going on? Is this really happening? The phone wasn’t ringing!  

Only to be reborn 3 days later from the ashes as ”Les Innovations CR34TE Inc.

F.I.N = Future . Is . Now

Let’s take a step back in time…

 CREATIVE LAB was originally conceived as anEXPLORATION project, , which began unofficially some 10 years ago in the basement of founder Francis Aubin’s parents.

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So why was this change of identity important?

“In order to position ourselves differently in the industry and convey a different message,” answers Francis.

The message we wanted to convey with this new name was that of a new era: modernity, youthfulness, innovation and innovation. COLLABORATION. By including a “34” as a symbol, we’re referring to the digital age we live in every day. It also adds a unique flavor to the company that livens up the discussions, and frankly… we don’t hate it at all! We had a lot of fun creating A34, which personalizes the company. His first mission was a big one… to destroy Creative Lab and give birth to… CR34TE!

This action was more than just a name change, it was a search forAUTHENTICITY; a kind of door that opened to take us to the next level. Because, after all, if we project ourselves into the future, we’re capable of imagining it now!

After 1 year, what’s next for CR34TE? What are our ambitions?

Position ourselves as a leader in custom lighting products.

Establish ourselves as a benchmark in Quebec, and soon as a leader on the national and international scene. One small step at a time… towards the future!

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